New App Texts For You While You're Driving

Published: August 30th 2010
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Have you ever imagined a smartphone app or a built-in feature of your mobile which automatically responds to text messages while you are driving?


Well, a new Android app does just that. The new 'On the Move' app actually tries to eliminate your urge to text back- by texting back for you.


When the application is up and running, it will send an sms back to anyone who tries to reach you, containing a pre-determined message. Unfortunately, it does not automatically detect when you're driving, so you have to manually set it on and off.


However, State Farm- the company behind the texting app- has said that they are working on a GPS functionality upgrade, which will recognize when you are driving.


In addition, the app could be used for auto-responding during times when you don't want to be disturbed, like when you're at the movies, or taking a nap, or in a meeting, etc.


Until you get the On the Move app or a smartphone which supports it for that matter, please do try and drive carefully- remember, it's just a text message.

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