Israeli Officers to Serve Under UN for First Time

Published: August 27th 2010
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Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon
Pic: wikimedia commons

Israeli officers will serve under U.N. command for the first time next week when the country sends a unit of 14 police officers to assist the U.N. security mission in Haiti.


The U.N. force is part of an effort to restore law and order to the country after it was hit with a severe eartquake that killed 200,000 and left one million  homeless.


The force also contains police officers from Italy and Jordan. The members will wear the flag of the U.N. along wtih that of their home nations.


The 14 police officers took part in a ceremony at the Kotel on Monday. They are set to depart early next week.


The officers are the first Israelis to participate in an active duty unit under U.N. command. They are expected to stay in Haiti for at least three months.


JTA reported that two of the 14 officers have put their weddings on hold in order to be part of the group. Another has a wife who is seven months pregnant. Several of the officers speak French but none speak Creole, Haiti's language.


"You are Israel's true face," Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said during a Wednesday meeting with the officers. "This mission will demonstrate to friends and foes alike that Israel is always willing to contribute and volunteer anywhere and at anytime."


He added, "It is important for people to see Israel beyond the conflict and to see that this is the real Israel. We are not only strong materially, but also strong in spririt."


Israel hopes that the participation by the group of officers, a first, will become routine in the future as the Jewish State becomes a part of other U.N. security missions.


The officers will live in the field, sleeping in sleeping bags and tents. They will eat army rations and be outfitted with equipment and uniforms that will allow for an extended field stay.

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