The World Cup of Basketball

Published: August 26th 2010
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Derrick Rose will be taking part in Mundobasket
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Just like the World Cup of soccer takes place every four years, so does the Mundobasket (the world cup of basketball) take place several months afterwards. The current championship has four leagues and each league has six teams. At the conclusion of the first round, four teams from each league will qualify for the next round. As in every World Cup, this one also includes some bizarre teams from countries such as Iran, Ivory Coast, Angola and Jordan. Who even knew that there were basketball teams in these countries?


The upcoming Mundobasket is generating much interest since quite a few NBA players will be taking part in it, despite the fact that the really big players choose to stay at home with their family and prefer to rest and focus on preparing for the NBA season. The US team who lost the last two championships will consider it a horrible failure if it does not win this time as well. Point Guards Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls and veteran Chauncey Billups from Denver are expected to handle the game, while forwards Kevin Durant from Oklahoma City and Lamar Odom of the Lakers will carry the brunt of the weight under the basket.


Playing against the US will be world champ Spain, who will arrive at the games without megastar Pau Gasol (who currently plays for the LA Lakers), but with his brother Marc who plays for the Memphis Grizzlies, as well as young Rudy Fernández from Portland and talented point guard Ricky Rubio. The Greeks, who are the vice champions of the previous championship that took place in Japan, are presenting a very strong team, with no NBA players, but with players who are very experienced. Yet the team that looks like the strongest team to take on the Americans is none other than Argentina. Their five opening players include no less than four very good NBA players. What might hold Argentina back is the absence of team superstar Manu Ginóbili who chose not to play this time around.


Canada will also be participating in the Mundobasket but is not likely to pose a real threat to any of the stronger teams. Despite the fact that the Canadian team has two average NBA players, Joel Anthony from Miami Heat and Andy Rautins of the New York Knicks, it does not look like the team will reach the higher levels of the championship. In the best case scenario, the Canadians will reach third or fourth place in the first round and then face Greece or Turkey, and thus will be eliminated. It is too bad that all-powerful point guard Steve Nash will not be participating in the championship. Nash’s age (36), as well as the physical effort he exerts during the regular NBA season, are the main reasons why he won't be participating in the world championship.

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