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Published: August 26th 2010
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Ada Hersko with Hlavin Products

During her first year in Canada, Hersko performed some market research and put together a business plan. “I found that the Hlavin line of products is a niche that would be well accepted in Canada,” she said. After she determined that there is a place for Hlavin products in the Canadian market, Hersko began to visit stores and pharmacies in Toronto, hoping to convince them to buy the products from her and sell them to customers. She began with the Jewish, Israeli and Russian communities, whom she described as “very supportive.” At the same time she is conducting negotiations with large distributors in hopes of distributing the products in the larger chains.


“Already now, as we make our first steps, we are receiving amazing responses about the products and their effectiveness in improving the feeling and appearance of the face and the body,” said Hersko. “Hlavin products enhance the vitality and flexibility of the skin system, and give the skin a young, glowing and healthy look. We are also receiving enthusiastic responses to the five unique scents of the wellness line of products.” It should be noted that Hlavin has a second flagship product: the Midnight Body Cream which has a romantic, aphrodisiac scent. This original Hlavin product has been a leader in the Israeli market for over 20 years, and is successfully sold all over the world.


Now that she has conquered the hearts of Toronto’s Jewish, Israeli and Russian residents, Hersko said that her vision is to base Hlavin products in three major chains within the next two years. Hersko also never forgets her commitment to Israel: “It is equally important to me that within two years we can begin many more production lines in order to provide employment for many workers in the Hlavin factory in Israel,” she said.


“Hlavin is known for continually renewing its products and for the fact that the products star alongside other derma-cosmetic giants. I am planning to present Canadians with Israeli knowledge and I hope that my pride in the Israeli industry will become their pride as well,” concluded Hersko.


For more details on Hersko Inc. Therapeutic Natural Cosmetics, call 289-997-2257 or 647-268-8004 or visit www.hersko.ca

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