Introducing Google Voice

Published: August 26th 2010
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Google Voice
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Google Inc., always coming up with new service and innovations, is now going head-to-head with local telephone companies.


Google Voice, a new service unveiled by the internet giant on Wednesday will allow Google’s Gmail users in the US to make telephone calls from their computers to telephones around the world.


The best part of Google’s new service is that calls in the US and Canada will be free through at least the end of the year. Calls to other destinations around the globe will cost 2 cents or more per minute, depending on the destination.


The new service not only puts Google in competition with telephone companies, but also with popular PC-to-phone software Skype, which has been a leader in this field up until now. Unlike the new free Google service, Skype charges from 1.2 cents to 2.1 cents per minute for US calls.


Future plans for Google Voice include setting up red phone booths at universities and airports across the US. People will be able to make free calls from these booths to phone numbers in the US and Canada and save on international calls.


Another future feature of Google Voice will allow users to transfer their existing home or mobile phone number to Voice.


Although Google Voice is not yet available to users in Canada, Canadians may now breathe easier knowing that their family and friends in the US can call them for free from their PC using Google Voice.


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