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Published: August 25th 2010
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Jack Bendahan

As Jack Bendahan walks into my office donning his trademark pink button-down shirt, he proceeds to do exactly what he does best: inform. Sitting down across from the Life Man, as he is called, I start to get a good sense of why he has clients all across Canada. His approachable and trustworthy smile, firm, professional handshake and his charming tangents praising his baby daughter and wife make it clear why so many families have put their trust in the life and family man.


And now, with over 20 years of experience, the Life Man has decided to start sharing his knowledge with families all over Toronto and the GTA of the benefits of life insurance, insider information for even the most disoriented first-time buyer, and even some health and fitness tips. 


Bendahan has always considered good health a key factor in attaining his success. Unlike many other young men, Bendahan never had the luxury of believing he was invincible. In fact, the Life Man, at just 21, began looking for life insurance himself.


But it wasn’t financial smarts that pushed him to pursue long term protection for his future family or partner. For the Life Man, tragedy struck, giving him a first-hand look as to why life insurance is so vital for a family. In the Bendahan family, as well as in his wife’s family, health issues turned life-threatening. Unfortunately, often times it is only when tragedy hits that many realize the importance of relieving the financial burden that comes with a loss of a family member or friend.


The Life Man explains how many members of the older generation use superstition as their excuse for not considering life insurance early. He says “People are scared, are superstitious that if they buy life insurance something will happen.” However, like Bendahan, “the younger generations see the financial burden and then buy life insurance.”


Many are probably not like the Life Man at 21-years-old, on the market for life insurance. According to Bendahan, most men begin to shop around for life insurance when they become fathers. As a devout father himself, Bendahan has also experienced this reality check. In fact, due to this trend, the Life Man posted an article on his site called “Baby is Coming- Looks like We Need to up our Coverage.” The article explains Bendahan’s realization that his single man’s coverage could not give the proper protection for the lives of his wife and baby daughter.


“I can connect with young families with babies or newborn babies. We have the same obstacles and weekend activities, whether it’s a newborn that’s colloquy, or having no sleep,” the Life Man explains.


But having a baby is not the only life change that causes people to think about insurance. The Life Man has also published many articles discussing mortgages, and how the simple act of trying to insure one’s house with mortgage insurance may not be wise.


Unlike life insurance, mortgage insurance is acquired through the bank for first-time home buyers. The idea seems great in theory, Bendahan explains, but misleading questions and a lack of medical underwriting from the bank may leave buyers without much after a claim.


According to Bendahan, “Life insurance will ensure that you’re actually going to get paid out. It’ll make sure that your medicals are done properly before you get approved so there won’t be any arguments down the road about a claim…and it’s 50% cheaper than mortgage insurance.”


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