Competition for the iPad?

Published: August 23rd 2010
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iPad's competition?

Ever since the iPad was released, it seems Apple has dominated the tablet market. According to Download Squad (a web blog dealing with gadgets) however, this is about to change, as Google plans to launch its very own tablet on November 26th


The Chrome OS tablet, the iPad's newest rival, will be manufactured by HTC and will be launched on Verizon on Black Friday.


Rumours of the tablet originate from an unnamed source, but they seem to add up, given what we had previously heard and know. Google and HTC have reportedly been partnering on tablet hardware since January, proving Google and HTC have gotten awfully cozy together lately.


Needless to say, launching a major new product on Black Friday, America's busiest shopping day of the year, would generate a lot of attention and more importantly, hands-on time if they end up selling them in brick and mortars.


Download Squad also mentioned some "likely" specs and features the new gadget will possess. But, it isn't clear whether this information comes from their source, or just pure speculation. According to Download Squad, the tablet will be based on the Chrome OS and will have Tegra 2 graphics (a strong graphics processor by Nvidia), a 1280x720 multi-touch display, 2GB RAM, 32GB of storage, WiFi/Bluetooth/3G connectivity, and webcam as well.


There wasn't any readily available information regarding the launching price. It's hard to tell whether there is any ground for this, or if it’s all just part of an educated guess. Still, the iPad has gone a long time without any real competition- and if the rumours hold up, this holiday should make for quite the shopping season.

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