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Published: August 23rd 2010
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This past couple of years, we have been introduced to many elaborate security solutions, but this is a first: Apple, one of the industry's most innovative and refreshing companies is looking at using heartbeat, voice and face recognition, as well as behavior analysis, to detect unauthorized iPhone users.


Apple's newest patent application suggests the company is heading in a whole new direction in the field of mobile security. The new patent describes methods that may enable the iPhone and the iPad to "sense" who the current user is by detecting voice prints, faces, activity patterns and yes, even heartbeats. In the case that an unauthorized or improper user is detected, Apple says many security measures could be activated.


If the iPhone detects that the user is not the owner or another predefined user, it can start taking photos discreetly and sending them to an email account, as well as GPS coordinates, keystroke logs, phone calls and more. The owner would also be able to save any data via remote control, and wipe out or lock the device after that.


The patent application seems like a supercharged version of the "Find My iPhone" feature, which is now available in MobileMe (on iTunes), coupled with new and nifty hardware and software features.


And while these patents may or may not be put to use, it definitely makes sense for Apple to increase security, especially for their increasing number of corporate clients.

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