A New Vision for Ward 10

Published: August 22nd 2010
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Konstantin Toubis

For the past 12 years Konstantin Toubis has been an active presence in Toronto’s Ward 10, York Centre, working with the community to create prosperity and better neighborhoods.


Toubis, whose day job is in real estate, has used his position as the President of the Educational and Recreational Centre in the Antibes Community Centre to build cultural programming for seniors, children and youth.


Because he has been extremely fortunate in his business career, Toubis told Shalom Life that the time is right for him to take the leap to municipal politics so he can give back to his community full-time.


One of the most important issues in York Centre that he wants to tackle is safety. The candidate said that while he has utmost respect for the work that 32nd Division does in the area, there is simply not enough of a police presence and this has led to crime being a major problem, especially youth crime.


Toubis wants a visible police presence in the area as a means to ensure residents are protected.


"We need to make sure that people feel safe, especially in the evening and at night," he said. Having worked in the ward for 12 years, "I know exactly what's going on."


He said that statistically the ward has more than the average number of low-income families, with many parents who work hard long hours struggling to make enough money ending up too busy to take care of their kids after school.


He favours the creation of more after school programs spearheaded by the city. The best way to do this is to talk to teens to find out what they are interested in, to listen to what they have to say. He has already initiated many similar programs at the Educational and Recreational Centre. But, he explained, much more is needed in terms of programs for kids and teens that are affordable and appealing to today’s youth.


"We need to make sure that the programs are actually interesting for teens of this generation," he said. "We need to make a safe environment for teenagers, all our children, parents and the whole community."


On the issue of seniors, Toubis noted that his ward has an above average number of seniors. He said that the priority should be to make sure social programs that helps seniors and those with disabilities are properly funded and working as they should be.


He wants more subsidized housing for seniors in the area but said that simply building more buildings will not necessarily alleviate the problem, as that can isolate seniors. The best approach, he said, it to create mixed use housing for seniors, perhaps initiating public private partnerships spearheaded by the city with accountable and transparent budgeting.


To start, current subsidized seniors housing needs to be reviewed in order to figure out the best way forward.


"We need to make sure that seniors have a comfortable life, starting from the major concerns up to their pastimes," he said.


Toubis initiated many seniors programs in his role as president at the Antibes Community Centre. He is extremely proud of the fact that there are currently 700 members in his seniors club which holds at least five huge events each year.


The 37-year old Toubis, who comes from a Russian Jewish family and has participated in charitable programs that assist people in Israel, said that he supports adding an extra garbage pickup day for the two weeks before Passover. He also wants to see more Jewish programs for people and for Jewish schools. "We need to follow people's needs," he said.


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