MOMA iPhone App: A Museum is Just a Touch Away

Published: August 20th 2010
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NYC's Museum of Modern Art
Pic: wikimedia commons

Art enthusiasts, you are going to love this: The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) located in Midtown Manhattan is hands down one of the best art museums in the world. However, visiting the gigantic six- floor compound can be a little overwhelming with lots of gallery displays and masses of people pouring in.


The new official MoMA iPhone app should make your visit a much more manageable as well as enjoyable experience, free of that same old anxiety – where to go first. Now you can carry MoMA with you wherever you go.


As befits such a modern museum, MoMA finally gets its very own iPhone (also iPad compatible) application. The app is offered free of charge and contains pretty much everything you would want to know about the museum, from floor plans telling you where your favourite “Van Gogh” or “Matisse” is situated, to schedules including what is on currently, to directories of all of the art in the museum.


Not only that, but you can also create virtual postcards in the app to send to friends, snapping photos of the actual pieces or choosing from a selection of preloaded photos. The interface is optimized for viewing on iPhone 4's Retina Display screen, but will work on any iPhone. Moreover, the new MoMA app also has audio tours built right in, so you do not need to rent those pesky little headphones when you are over there.


It is essentially a gigantic database of art, featuring photos and info on pretty much everything on display and a lot of stuff that isn't on display. So the app helps you out when you are at the museum and when you are not.


It's just the perfect companion for your next trip to the MoMA, and even if you don't get the chance to head out, it’s a cool app to have on deck to learn about some of the most amazing works of art, and it is free after all – go and get it!

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