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Published: August 16th 2010
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Gideon Landau

When buying a car, one might be afraid of the ruthless salesperson eager to close the deal as quickly as possible. Israeli Gideon Landau, Fleet Operations Manager and New/Used Vehicle Salesman at Wietzes Toyota, not only recognizes this, but aims to drive the stereotype out of town. Landau’s job entails selling vehicles to companies and car brokers looking for multiple cars at low prices, and selling to ordinary people searching for the perfect vehicle according to their needs.


“You don’t push them if they don’t want to buy now. You give them space and you’re more of a consultant, as opposed to trying to close them,” Landau told Shalom Life. “[I say] ‘take your time, and I’m here to assist you to buy the car that is right for you.’ But eventually, the final decision is the customer’s and I never push them. I never say the corny sentence of ‘what can I do to sell you a car today?’ I say ‘this is what you need [based on] what you are saying, and let me know when you’re ready or if you have any questions.’ I think people really appreciate that more than just trying to close them.”


Landau , having been born in Israel, can speak three languages; English, Hebrew and Yiddish. The latter two come in handy, he says, when dealing with both the Israeli and the older Jewish communities respectively. Landau has been working for five years now at Wietzes Toyota, which he says customers (some of which for more than 30 years) would recommend based on its family-oriented environment alone.


For the environmentally cautious, Landau feels that Toyota “holds the best hybrids in the market,” and is “the leading company” in that area. “[Environmentally friendly cars are] a very important thing that Toyota is looking at. Emission- most of them are what we call Tier II BIN 5- it’s very low emission. Gas consumption is lower than other companies. The Prius is synonymous to hybrids- it’s one of the hybrid models that we have.”


Despite the 2009-2010 Toyota vehicle recalls, Landau says that the company still offers very reliable cars. “The NHTSA in the United States have examined the cars, and they found out that the problem of unintentional acceleration was not there. They checked a few black boxes of numerous cars and they found out that what happened was that the driver was pressing the accelerator instead of the break. So basically I think it will take time until they come out with something official, but it shows the human errors.”


A good reputation is built upon every time a salesman such as Landau sells a vehicle to a customer. From that day forward, Landau’s goal is to keep developing the reputation of both Toyota, and the Wietzes Toyota dealership itself.


“Bottom line, it’s the way you treat people and the respect [given to them]. The service after the sale is, of course a very important thing to me. For years and years I will assist them with service and help them make their appointments at service even though they can call directly. If they have any issues with service, they can come and ask me. [It’s important] to be with them along the way, after the sale itself.”


For more information about Wietzes Toyota, please visit http://www.wietzestoyota.com/

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