Eilat Schools Receive Donation from Schulich

Published: August 16th 2010
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Example of a classroom smartboard.

The UJA Federation of Greater Toronto has negotiated a $2.2 million donation from philanthropist Seymour Schulich to UJA’s partnership region of Eilat, as part of the Schulich Canada Smart Classroom Initiative.


This program is administered by World ORT, a non-profit non-governmental organization which aims to provide education and training in over 100 countries. UJA, along with World ORT, will also donate an additional $1 million.


Back in March, Schulich initially invested $2.1 million to launch the program in northern Israel. By the time this school year begins, 206 classrooms in 40 schools, in 13 different communities will have become “Smart classes.” Each class will have been equipped with brand new laptops, interactive whiteboards and other fancy equipment. Two years from now, an additional 209 ordinary classrooms will be turned in to Smart classes.


“The success of the initiative became apparent so quickly that World ORT and the Israeli Government discussed taking the project on to the next step – to reach out to new regions and to broaden access to academic advancement by expanding the benefits to parents and entire communities,” said Robert Singer, who is the World ORT Director General and CEO. “Thanks to the generosity and vision of Mr. Schulich and the Greater Toronto Federation those discussions can be transformed into action which promises to unlock the latent potential of Israel’s next generation and thus ensure the country’s security and success on the world stage.”


Each of the Smart classrooms is fitted with an interactive whiteboard that is connected to the teacher’s computer and an LCD projector, as well as a laser printer, teaching software and wireless network. Schools are provided with laptop computers which link to the teacher’s workstation and whiteboard. The Smart classrooms will also be able to access World ORT’s videoconferencing network, which has virtual links to schools in France, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Mexico, Russia, Argentina, Uruguay, Lithuania, Italy and elsewhere.


“Mr. Schulich sees this project as a ‘game-changer’ in terms of the delivery of education for the vital communities situated on the geographic and economic frontiers of Israel,” said Ted Sokolsky, UJA President and CEO. “For him and the Toronto Federation this is about adding a sense of pride and confidence for students and teachers alike, as well as entire communities, using education as the key to a better future for all.”

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