Spynga Opens New Thornhill Studio

Published: August 16th 2010
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Spynga T-shirt
Sari Nisker and Casey Soer

On Thursday August 12th, Spynga North held a grand opening event at their shiny new studio, featuring a live DJ, cocktails, snacks, and a Lululemon fashion show, complete with runway fashioned out of yoga mats.


Walking into Spynga’s new Thornhill location, conveniently (and deliciously) situated above Bagel World on Disera Drive, feels like you’re entering a high-end spa.


Spynga attire, yoga mats, jewelry, and organic snacks are among the things on display in the studio’s boutique; step in a little further, and beyond the installation art piece on the wall, is a spacious, open concept studio with lots of natural light, and several chandeliers suspended over a host of exercise bikes.  There is also a smaller studio for a Kids’ Yoga Flow class, which is offered simultaneously to afford parents and their children the opportunity to sweat it out at their own levels.


Spynga is the brainchild of Sari Nisker and Casey Soer, whom you may recall spoke with Shalom Life in June at their all-day downtown yoga event, Elevate to Exhale. During that time, the north studio was still in its final stages of completion, and the two were still riding on the coattails of the south location’s success.


According to Nisker, the story of how this studio came to be is slightly different from the one at Bathurst and St. Clair. “We kind of inherited the space we have for the south studio, and we had to make do with what we had,” she tells Shalom Life. “This space [Spynga North] we got to design from day one, so we wanted to make sure we used every inch of space, and knew exactly what we wanted to do to make the space efficient.”


As for the clientele, Nisker says they’re generally the same, despite the long expanse of Bathurst St. that separates the two studios. “They just live in different places,” she explains. “They are hungry for a place where they feel comfortable, where it’s not intimidating; a place they can come to relax and reconnect to themselves, whether it’s through yoga or cycling or boot camp class - whatever it is to make them feel good. That’s what it’s all about. Whether north or south, this is our philosophy. It doesn’t change.”


The north studio is still new, but right now, Soer and Nisker divide their time pretty much equally between the two locations.


Along with their trademark Spynga classes, a fusion of spinning and yoga, the studio offers just yoga classes, as well as classes for just spinning. And for those who may not be in the mood for either, a boot camp class is offered. “It’s designed in such a way that it’s like personal training but in a group forum,” says Nisker. “It involves working with your own natural body weight, toning and conditioning, strength building etc. No yoga or bike involved. A totally different experience.”


Aside from the awesome atmosphere the north studio offers, Soer and Nisker are pretty darn delightful themselves, and overtly enthusiastic about the expansion of their brand.


“We’re really excited to be here in Thornhill,” Nisker gushes. “We feel like we’ve brought a little bit of an urban feel up here, and we’re excited to just share with them what we’re doing. We can’t wait to meet the community.”


And if you know what’s good for you, Thornhill, you can’t wait to get inside and try the unlikely yet awesome pairing of yoga and spinning for yourselves.


(And then if you feel like it, grab a multigrain bagel on the way home… you know, because you totally deserve it after all the calories you just burned.)


Spynga North is located at 10 Disera Drive, suite 230, just above the Bagel World. For more info, visit www.spynga.com.

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