Israeli Killed in Canoe Accident in Germany

Published: August 16th 2010
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Vils River
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The trip came to a tragic end: An Israeli man died Friday in a hospital in Germany after he was seriously injured in a rafting accident in Bavaria earlier this week.


The man, 25, was apparently injured when the kayak he was traveling in, overturned and he was trapped underwater for several minutes.


The rescue team managed to pull him out of the gushing river but it was too late. He had already lost consciousness.


The accident took place Monday afternoon.


Apparently the man was accompanying a group of German and Israeli students as a guide.


According to reports in Germany, the student group headed out with 14 canoes for a boat trip on the Vils river (a tributary of the Lech River), near the city of Amberg in southeast Germany. For an unknown reason, he and the female passenger in his canoe failed to stop the boat at the location where all the boats were to stop. Instead, they slipped down a waterfall and overturned.


The young man, whose name remains undisclosed, got stuck in a whirlpool and drowned. He was pulled out of the water not breathing and a medical team tried to revived him.


The woman that was travelling with him in the canoe was rescued safely.


The man was hospitalized in Hamburg on Thursday (three days after the accident) in serious condition and died from his injuries a day later. The foreign ministry confirmed that the Israeli embassy in Berlin has started preparations to transfer the man's body to Israel.


Local media also reported that the group was wearing life vests as required and received a security briefing upon heading out to the water. The Regensburg police have started to investigate the kayak company.


Two weeks ago, an Israeli man was killed in a paragliding competition in Peru. Doron Lugassi, 39 years old, crashed into the ground at high speed after his paraglider was caught by a heavy gust of wind.

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