Yair Emanuel Fuses the Old with the New

Published: August 14th 2010
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Wooden Havdalah set
Pic: www.emanuel-judaica.com
Laser cut hand-painted Hamsa
Pic: www.emanuel-judaica.com
Yair Emanuel
Pic: www.emanuel-judaica.com

Walk into any Judaica store in Canada and you’re bound to see one of Yair Emanuel’s colourful pieces. Raised in Jerusalem, Emanuel grew up in an Orthodox home and later adopted a more pluralistic approach to Judaism. His background influenced his style of Judaic art, which fuses traditional Jewish manuscripts with modern art.


For the most part, Emanuel paints on silk, hand embroidery and wood. His pieces range from challah covers to kiddush cups and hamsas. He has also expanded into jewelry and accessories.


In this exclusive interview, Emanuel talks about his painting techniques and his unique style.


What inspired you to painting?


What drew me to paint is to bring beauty to the world.


Your work is sold around the world. What do you think makes your pieces universal? 


I think what makes my art universal is that it is traditional but not "heavy." The pieces are traditional and have modern aesthetics.


What are some techniques that you employ? 


Hand painting on silk, raw silk appliquéd, hand embroidery, hand painting on wood and on glass. Metal laser cut, etc.


Most of your work features harmonious colours, including blue and purple. What do you like about these colours?


I think the blue colour is the only "real" color. It represents the sky and infinity.


Which artists do you admire?


Mark Rothko and Van Gogh.


What new items are you creating right now? 


I’m making new hand-painted metal products with laser cuts.




For more on Emanuel, visit www.emanuel-judaica.com.

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