Iran: The Zionists are Contaminating Our Cigarettes

Published: August 2nd 2010
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This is a first: The Islamic Republic of Iran's Society for Fighting Smoking is claiming that a Western company "led by Zionists" is intentionally bringing in contaminated Marlboro cigarettes into Iran. According to them the Zionists not only smuggle cigarettes into Iran, but they also poison them with pig blood and even with some nuclear substances, all part of a big Western conspiracy.


The Mehr news agency quoted Mohammad Reza Madani, an official from the anti-smoking society, as saying prohibited Marlboros have been contaminated with "pig hemoglobin and unspecified nuclear material". The official also claims that Philip Morris International (a leading American manufacturer of cigarettes and tobacco) which sells Marlboro outside the US is, as aforementioned, "led by Zionists". However, Madani provided no evidence or additional information about the confiscated cigarettes. There was no info regarding how the contamination was discovered.


Experts estimate that 20 billion cigarettes are smuggled into Iran yearly, since Iran began banning American cigarette labels.

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