Harper Government Applies Additional Sanctions Against Iran

Published: July 26th 2010
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Prime Minister Stephen Harper

B’nai Brith Canada has applauded the Canadian government over today’s announcement that Canada will be applying additional independent sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran. 


The new Canadian sanctions will include a ban on Canadian investment in Iran’s oil and gas industries, as well as restrictions on exporting items that could potentially be used for the regime’s nuclear weapons program.


“We commend the Harper government for taking the important action of further isolating the Iranian regime over its illegal nuclear weapons program,” said Frank Dimant, B’nai Brith Canada’s Executive Vice President.  “To avoid the military option against the Iranian regime’s nuclear weapons program, Canada and her allies need to do everything in their power to sanction and isolate Iran.” 


“Targeting Iran’s most important lifeline, its oil and gas industries, as the Canadian Government has done, is a very welcome development,” Dimant continued.


He noted that the Islamic regime in Tehran is the world’s top sponsor of terrorism.  “It’s political and military leaders deny the Holocaust and openly call for the destruction of the Jewish State,” he said.


In addition to brutally suppressing millions of its own citizens, the Iranian regime has clearly made it known that it is a danger to world peace.  “All free countries need to do their part to ensure that the world’s most dangerous regime doesn’t acquire the world’s most dangerous weapons,” Dimant continued.  “Applying real and meaningful sanctions, like the ones Foreign Minister Cannon announced today, are important steps in the right direction.”

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