EU Delivers Toughest Yet Sanctions on Iran

Published: July 23rd 2010
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European Quarter of Brussels

The European Union has proposed a new set of sanctions on Iran, calling for a ban on “dual-use” items such as those used for both military and civilian purposes.


Foreign ministers are set to meet in Brussels on Monday to discuss the proposed measures. About a month ago, the United Nations Security Council placed new sanctions on Iran, in an attempt to force the Islamic republic to stop enriching uranium. But the EU and United States have recently decided that those sanctions were not enough.


At the EU foreign ministers meeting, they will tackle the energy and financial sectors of Iran’s government, along with people and companies linked to the government.


Previous UN sanctions had called for a ban on the sale of goods used for nuclear production, allowing UN members to search Iran-bound ships if they had “reasonable grounds” to suspect Iran of breaking the restrictions.


Under the new ban, however, goods that can be used for both military and civilian purposes will be prohibited.


The EU is also expected to ban the sale of equipment, as well as the transfer of technology to Iran's oil and gas companies. This, according to EU diplomats, will make it much more difficult for Iran to modernize and advance its energy division.


The EU is also looking to “crack down” on Iran’s banking sector, according to Haaretz, monitoring any transfers made with other banks; they are also set to lengthen the list of Iranian companies whose assets should be frozen.


The goal of these additional sanctions is to pressure the Iranian government into halting its uranium enrichment program, as well as to resume talks about its nuclear agenda.

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