Underground Egyptian Barrier Breached, Again

Published: July 22nd 2010
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Portion of the wall under construction.

An underground barrier along the Egypt – Gaza border, in place to prevent smuggling, has been breached yet again. An Egyptian security official has reportedly said that the underground steel wall, built by Egypt, has in fact been breached hundreds of times. The relevance of the wall is now being weighed.


Thursday, Associated Press Television News showed footage of one smuggler cutting through the barrier using a blow torch.


The barrier has been called a “useless obstacle,” according to Ynet. Smugglers have also said that the barrier was never a serious deterrent. They have said they are more concerned about consumer goods entering the state of Israel through legitimate crossings, ever since Israel eased its Gaza blockade on June 17th 2010.


At first, Israel had said they were skeptical about easing the blockade, due to the fear of a loss of control. Hundreds of tunnels have been made underneath the blockade to make the smuggling of weapons possible, according to Israeli reports.


The wall was initially created to control such occurrences, but was later reported to have allowed Palestinians to pass through. Despite this, an Egyptian newspaper reported that further construction of the barrier between Gaza and Sinai has been halted in some places, due to technical difficulties.


Egyptian news source AlMasry Al-Youm confirmed the construction workers’ report regarding the steel barrier. The workers added that the border area’s geological framework was also hindering further construction. Workers have even reported boulders in the ground, making it impossible to drill deeper than four metres in some spots; this, in turn, makes it very difficult to lay down more steel plates.

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