IDF Kill Palestinian Infiltrating West Bank Border

Published: July 22nd 2010
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Part of a West Bank barrier

Israeli Defense Force soldiers fired at a group of Palestinians attempting to infiltrate the West Bank settlement of Barkan on Wednesday. One of them was killed, and according to an IDF spokesman, he was armed.


Another of the men was taken into IDF custody for questioning, Haaretz reported. Both the army and Palestinian officials are currently investigating the reasons for the attempted breach, though the motive appears to be criminal rather than terror-related.


Soldiers have been patrolling the border for several weeks now, due to an increased number of attempts to enter the West Bank illegally.


Earlier on Wednesday, IDF troops shot at several suspected militants approaching Gaza's northern border with Israel.  Two of the assumed militants were killed in the incident.


According to Palestinian sources, one operative was killed on the spot, while the second surrendered to his injuries several hours after the episode.


According to the same sources, six militants remain hospitalized.


Initial reports claimed that Israeli tanks targeted a suspected squad of Palestinian operatives upon receiving reports that a group near the town of Beit Hanoun had intended to shoot an anti-tank missile in the direction of another IDF unit.


A spokesperson for the Israeli military said soldiers opened fire on suspects approaching one of the border fences, but gave no further comment. Palestinian medical workers claimed seven people were injured in the shooting, including a 10-year-old girl, although this has not yet been confirmed.


No other details were immediately released.

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