Canadian Anti-Semitic Website Finally Shut Down

Published: July 21st 2010
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CJC CEO Bernie Farber
Pic: CJC

After being contacted by Canada’s Attorney General, a U.S.  Internet company shut down two websites run by a Mississauga man charged with hate crimes by the Ontario Provincial Police.


Until early this week, Arizona-based Go Daddy was still hosting the website Filthy Jewish Terrorists, linked to former York University student Salman Hossain. On the site, the 25-year old Hossain called for genocide against Jews, the murder of Canadians and posted anti-Semitic rants under titles such as “The Jews and the West must be nuked” and “The destruction of the West is the only way to exterminate the Jews.”


A second website belonging to Hossain that was not online was also taken down by Go Daddy.


“There’s lot of ISPs out there who may not know who (Salman Hossain) is but my guess is once people are informed about the charges pending against him and his hateful conduct he will find it very difficult to find a home,” said Canadian Jewish Congress CEO Bernie Farber.


The OPP charged Hossain with two counts of promoting genocide and three counts of promoting hatred on July 8. However, Hossain had already fled Canada by that point in the investigation.


Police believe that Hossain, a Bangladeshi-Canadian who spent part of his childhood in Ghana before coming to Canada, is currently residing in either Bangladesh or Uganda.


From his location outside the country, he continued to post anti-Semitic screeds on his site until it was shut down this week, including a final post before Go Daddy pulled the plug. In it he blamed “the Jews” for pressuring the Internet host to take down his site, but added he was simply going to move to another server.


“Like I stated earlier, it makes very little difference if they try and take down the server as I am moving it to another country’s server where it will be much more difficult to take down and where they really and truly hate Jews,” he posted. “So therefore, in either case the Jews have lost and they should go shoot themselves in the head for trying to bring down the information that I have against them.”


Hossain’s initial attempt to move to a new host proved unsuccessful when a National Post investigation located the server in Carlow, Ireland. After the newspaper contacted the company, Blacknight, Hossain’s contract with the ISP was promptly cancelled.


“The content on that website would be illegal in Ireland and in Europe,” Blacknight spokesperson Michele Neylon told the National Post. “And as far as our legal counsel is concerned, any website content that incites anybody to murder another human being, be that an individual or mass genocide, would be illegal.”


He went on to say that the company’s terms of service do not allow for “illegal” websites.


Farber said that CJC, which also sent a notice to Go Daddy, will monitor the situation to ensure Hossain does not find another online home for his hate writing, and will inform any future Internet hosts that Hossain is a fugitive who was charged with hate crimes.


“It is the World Wide Web and anything is possible but we will monitor as best as we are able,” said Farber.

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