Toronto To Add Third Area Code

Published: July 21st 2010
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A third area code for Toronto will be implemented this coming fall, according to Glenn Pilley, the director of the Canadian Numbering Administrator. Pilley says that 416 is “almost completely burnt out,” while 647 only has about 2.5 million numbers left out of a possible 7.5 million.


On Tuesday, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced “area code relief planning.” As the number of phone companies increases, consumption of available digits speeds up, and large blocks of numbers are used up.


Earlier this year, the CRTC announced that a third area code, 365, will be added for callers in Ontario, living in areas that stretch around Toronto from Hamilton to Oshawa and down into the Niagara Peninsula. Currently, 905 and 289 rule the area, which was the first region in Canada to be given a third area code. The 365 code will not be available until 2013.


“The main reason why we are running out of phone numbers is because of competition,” said CRTC spokesman Denis Carmel. In the next five years, 647 is expected to run out of numbers, which is why the new area code will be made available within the next four years.


The different options for the three digit code have apparently divided the city into different levels of social status. The top of the class are those with 416 numbers, one of the original 86 area codes in North America since back in 1947.


Until now, 647ers have been at the bottom of the pile. “I have to act like it’s cool, but really, on the inside, no one wants a 647 number,” Law student Steve Sharpless told the Toronto Star. “It feels like a 905 number.”


Of course, now that there is a new area code coming along, 647 will no longer be the most dreaded option of the three. “If somebody gave me that number, I don’t know if I would put it in my phone,” said Sharpless of the new area code.


A fellow Torontonian reiterated Sharpless’ feelings. “It would be terrible. This new area code is complete garbage, and I would not want my name to be associated with it,” said the man, speaking anonymously for fear of being associated with an area code other than 416. “Having this new area code would soil my name more than not having a phone at all. No thank you, 416 is good enough for me.”


According to Pilley, there are no cool area code combinations left from which to choose. The picky bunch of Torontonians will most likely not be satisfied with the new area code, if Pilley’s warning is accurate. “The coolest one we had was 226 and it went to western Ontario,” he says. “It spells CAN.”

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