Turkish Travel Ban Lifted for Israelis

Published: July 20th 2010
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Turkish Prime MinisterTayyip Erdogan

As tensions between erstwhile allies Turkey and Israel settle, Israel has cancelled its travel ban for Israelis heading to Turkey.


According to a statement made by Israel, “In light of the calm in Turkey and the absence of large-scale anti-Israel demonstrations,” the travel warning has been lifted.


The Counter-Terrorism Bureau announced the travel warning cancellation Tuesday, two months after the warning was issued in the wake of the fatal flotilla raid in May. According to the Bureau, the warning was lifted due to a “calm and lack of mass rallies against Israel,” according to Ynet News.


But while Israelis may now feel safer venturing into Turkey, the Bureau does recommend that Israelis residing in Turkey “stay away from any rally” and “refrain from getting into political arguments with locals.”


“Israelis can now travel to this country without fear,” emphasized Elkana Har-Nof, an official with the Bureau. He added: “For the past month and a half, there have been no rallies, and from an intelligence point of view, no terror threats are known of.”


Regarding Israelis residing in places other than Turkey, Har-Nof suggested that “The rules of behaviour for the entire world apply there as well: Don't stand out, don't speak Hebrew in problematic areas and don't bear any sign of Israeli identity," he said.


The cancellation of the travel warning comes at a time when the Turkish government continues to improve its ties with Syria and Lebanon.

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