Libyan Aid Ship Docks in Egypt

Published: July 15th 2010
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Libyan aid ship

A Libya-sponsored aid ship docked successfully as a result of the combined efforts of Israeli and Egyptian officials. Wary of the ship entering Gaza waters, Israel struck a deal with Egypt to avoid a dangerous repeat of the Gaza flotilla raid of May 31.  As such, the Amalthea unloaded its cargo in the Egyptian port of El-Arish, from which a truck will transport it via the Rafah crossing to Gaza.


Foreign Minister Avidgor Lieberman thanked Egypt’s intelligence service on Thursday for Cairo’s assistance in preventing the ship from entering Gaza.


While speaking with the director of General Intelligence Services, Minister Omar Suleiman, Lieberman said that the conversation between the countries had positive outcomes, as it was resolved without the use of violence and injury.


Leiberman also notified Suleiman on Israel’s new policy regarding Gaza. Lieberman will present him with the new information on Suleiman’s next trip to Israel.


Although this ship landed safely, Israel knows more aid ships will likely sail towards Gaza and expects future obstacles.

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