No More "Death Grip" for Apple

Published: July 15th 2010
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Apple Inc. has put an end to the “death grip” reception problems of their new iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 has been causing issues for not only those who own it with its faulty reception, but has also been responsible for a steep decline in Apple’s shares.


The device was “not recommended” for purchase in Consumer Reports magazine. This caused a stock prices to tumble down 2.7 per cent to $250.34 by midday July 13th. The magazine issued another negative post of the iPhone stating “Why Apple – and not its customers – should fix the iPhone 4" after Steve Jobs simply told consumers “You’re holding it wrong.”


Now, with the use of the iPhone 4’s new bumper case, the antenna located at the bottom right of the iPhone 4 will be covered and resistant to the notorious “death grip” that usually causes its reception to disappear.


Last night Apple hosted a press conference at its Cupertino headquarters. Hours before the press conference Apple released version 4.1 of its iOS software. Earlier reports have noted the new software affects the way the iPhone reports signal strength, though it doesn’t aid dropped calls. 


"We put the accessory to the test in our labs and confirmed that it does remedy the issue," wrote Consumer Reports' Paul Reynolds. "With the Bumper fitted, we repeated the test procedure, placing a finger on the Bumper at the point at which it covers the gap below. The result was a negligible drop in signal strength – so slight that it would not have any effect, in our judgment."


However, Apple assumes consumers will pay approximately 30 extra dollars in order to solve Apple’s phone manufacturing defects – something that may anger consumers but will help and will solve the problem.


"These options all put the onus on consumers to solve or pay for a fix," Reynolds noted. "We're still calling on Apple to provide an acceptable free solution to the iPhone 4's signal-loss problem.”

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