Jewish Life TV Coming to Canada

Published: July 13th 2010
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Jewish Life TV

Jewish Life TV, a channel that encompasses all aspects of Jewish life through broadcasting humorous, educational, and entertaining productions, will begin airing in Canada this fall. 


President and CEO of JLTV, Phil Blazer, believes that "the Canadian Jewish community is one of the strongest and committed in the world. They share a love for their heritage and the Jewish homeland of Israel. In addition, Canada's Jewish community has taken an active role in improving the life of all Canadians through their humanitarian efforts. We are proud to help entertain and inform our new viewers about Jewish life in Canada and around the world."


JLTV currently offers 24/7 Jewish-themed programming in the U.S. The network’s huge success has led them to spread their wings into Canada’s eager Jewish community.


"We're excited to have the opportunity to provide JLTV's dynamic content to Canada's one half million Jewish population and the millions of others who will benefit from the network’s cultural and educational programs," said Slava Levin, President of Ethnic Channels Group.


The Jewish communities in Canada should be just as excited – with a myriad of hilarious comedy shows, adventures in kosher cooking, trendy Israeli cultural programs, Jewish history and current affairs, JLTV captivates viewers from start to finish.


Tune in to James and Sunda, a skit-based comedy that is sure to provoke anything from giggles to knee-slapping laughter. For a more serious program, watch the J Report, which provides an in-depth look at Jewish culture and history. Join Bubbe in the kitchen with Feed Me Bubbe for a fun show that will envelop you with the warm embrace of good ol’ Jewish cooking. Or, catch an episode of The Mensch Life, rightfully described as the Jewish version of The David Letterman Show.


Gather with friends, family, and a bag of popcorn, and get ready to be entertained by Jewish Life TV this fall. In the meantime, you can watch select shows online at:


Contact your local cable provider for more information. To request JLTV on your network, please visit this link:

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