Whole Brain Exercises for Learning Disabilities

Published: July 14th 2010
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Pic: Maximind

For the fall trial program, the system that is featured is called “Learning Breakthrough Program” (learningbreakthrough.com). It uses a wooden balance board on wooden rockers that a child stands on. He or she then tosses bean bags, balls, hits pendulum balls with their hands and motor control sticks. These objects are hit over targets while doing eye exercises and using crossover motor movements that bridge the two sides of the brain. It’s a “sensory integration method.” The child is also aided by a coach. The program goes to higher and higher levels of difficulty.


“The beauty of this is it works almost immediately; within the first half hour most people, especially those with learning disabilities, will see a change in how they read, write and see,” he said. “Their clarity of vision is very often measurably improved after just a half an hour. When these activities are repeated many times new brain habits form and those strengths move from the balance board to the classroom quickly.”


The changes are profound and last for a lifetime. “Because learning disabilities are such a big problem, such a drain on society, such an expense and heartbreak we can’t afford not to do this.”


For more information about Maximind and how you can reserve a place in the pilot program for you child, go to maximind.ca/In-School_Programs_X3RL.html

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