RIM Shows Off New BlackBerry 6 Operating System

Published: July 12th 2010
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Blackberry Slider

Earlier today, Rim posted a second sneak peek at their new BlackBerry software, titled “BlackBerry 6,” which is due to launch later this summer.


The new operating system is RIM’s answer to critics who state that RIM has lost its edge with the younger demographic.  RIM’s stock has taken a beating in recent months due to the success of Apple's iPhone and the launch of their new iPhone 4.  Critics have been blasting RIM over their aging hardware and software, stating that it’s not up to par with Apple’s offerings, and that they are quickly losing market share to Apple and the Android phones.


With this new preview, it’s apparent that RIM is now going after the touch-based interface market more seriously than before.  RIM’s touch screen phones, the Storm and its sequel, Storm 2, were not highly regarded.  The Sure-Click technology which RIM had introduced in those phones was a terrible gimmick and the user interface was nowhere near as polished as the iPhone’s. 


A lot of what is being previewed by RIM is similar to what the iPhone sports, including pinch to zoom on web pages.  However, one of RIMs focal points for the BlackBerry 6 has been social networking.  Their new operating system is integrating Facebook, Twitter and BlackBerry Messenger into their home page and within their inbox, and is making it much easier to connect and post to multiple networks at once.  This should help RIM significantly with the younger demographic which Apple has so clearly dominated.


One of the phones which will be launched with their new operating system is the BlackBerry 9800 slider.  While the phone has not been officially announced, it has been leaked to several sources online.  It’s Blackberry’s first slide phone and will include a full touch screen.  RIM hopes that this phone will serve all their customers’ needs with a physical keyboard and a full high-resolution touch screen.


Video of the BlackBerry 6 sneak peek:


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