"Big Brother" Goes Orthodox

Published: July 9th 2010
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Inhabitants of the Big Brother 12 house will have to learn what it’s like to keep Shabbat and have a kosher kitchen.


Their new houseguest, Andrew Gordon, is an orthodox Jew and insists on following Jewish practices, even in the Big Brother household. Some have felt that Gordon will have difficulty completing challenges and refraining from using electricity between Friday at sundown and Saturday night.


Although CBS has not officially said it will make any concessions for Gordon’s faith practices, Gordon has taken the effort to bring his own utensils and his own kosher food to the household.


“It’s already going to be tough in that house, so it’s going to be even tougher dealing with these extra little things,” Gordon says, according to WTOP.com. “People are probably going to look at me as an outsider and wonder what I’m doing and why I’m not eating their food. It’s something I’ve had to explain my whole life as a practicing Jew. Whatever happens, I’ll deal with it.”


Aside from being the first Orthodox Jewish contestant on the summer’s hit reality show, Gordon is a podiatrist from Miami, Florida. He is also a graduate of the Hebrew Academy of Greater Miami.


According to the Big Brother 12 website, Gordon is expected to be one of the more mature contestants this season, as the second-oldest competitor at the age of 39. The site also notes that there may be some harshness behind his innocent exterior.


According to the site, Gordon’s chances of winning are somewhat slim. Surprisingly though, despite his uniquely Jewish observances, he does not seem to have enough to distinguish him from the rest of the houseguests, and fans fear that he will be easily manipulated into losing.

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