Netanyahu's Guns Go Missing

Published: July 8th 2010
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Everyone loses their luggage at the airport, even world leaders like Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli Prime Minister’s security guards’ ammunition, including four missing guns, was reported missing or possibly stolen from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. The 9 mm semi-automatic Glock 17 pistols were checked in as security protocol dictates, and were then placed on the flight which took Netanyahu to Washington for his meeting with U.S President Barack Obama on Tuesday.


The guns were reported lost on Sunday, when the Prime Minister’s security team landed at JFK airport on an El Al flight from Israel. The missing guns were in one of two “Pelican” carrying cases, one containing four guns and the other containing seventeen pistols. When Netanyahu and his security team arrived in Washington they noticed only one of the cases was shipped with them on the flight.


The other case was eventually found on Wednesday at the LAX Airport, according to the Los Angeles Times. The case was put on another flight to Washington via Chicago. It remained closed until it landed in Washington. 


Officials have speculated on whether or not the guns were stolen at the JFK Airport, and then put onto the LA flight in order to prolong the discovery of the crime. The New York and New Jersey Port Authorities are still investigating whether the guns were stolen or simply misplaced due to an error in airport security.


Evidence found so far includes footage which shows that the cases were in fact there during inspection at the JFK Airport. According to a report on NBC, the case was inspected by US Transportation Security Administration screeners of at Kennedy Airport, who cleared the weapons for transport to Washington.


The investigation is now “priority No. 1 in American law-enforcement”, a Port Authority police official told The New York Post Thursday. “They (the Port Authority) have opened up the check books on this one,” said the official, adding that the FBI and Secret Service have also joined the probe.


“These are Netanyahu's personal protectors -- they are like Secret Service agents on the Presidential detail,” one law-enforcement source told The New York Post.


Netanyahu is in New York on Thursday to meet United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon. He is also scheduled to meet and address the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations later that day.

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