Latin Love for Israel

Published: July 8th 2010
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Screenshot from the Latin music video.

It’s been said many times in the past that Israel hasn’t been losing its wars on the ground, but online instead. 


Her enemies have embraced social media outlets like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and have spread their messages quickly and effectively while leaving pro-Semitic messages to be heard by deaf ears. 


Among the hundreds of negative videos which have been posted recently was one very bizarre and intentionally hilarious pro-Israel video titled En Tus Tierras Bailare.


This music video first appeared in April, and like all good viral videos, there was no explanation behind it.  It was meant to be consumed, discussed and shared; and it was. Over 4 million people have viewed this Spanish music video which stars three YouTube sensations: Delfín Hasta El Fín from Ecuador, who first became popular with a disco-beat video ode to 9/11 which amassed over 5 million views, La Tigresa del Oriente, a 65 year old surgically enhanced hairdresser from Peru, and La Pequeña Wendy, also from Peru, who has been acting since the age of 8. 


“One sees them and is seduced,” said Gaston Cleiman to Tablet. “These are things upon which you cannot force reason, because then surely you will find defects.  But the truth is, you cannot stop watching them.”


But why would three South American YouTube stars who are not Jewish want to sing about their love for a country where they have never been?


The idea is the brain child of several Argentine Jews.  Cleiman, from Buenos Aires, wrote the song’s lyrics.  Sebastian Muller, an ad man from Madrid whose clients include Nike and Coca-Cola, thought of the idea.  The music was written by Gaby Karpel, and the video was directed by Pick Talarico, whose clients include Julio Inglesias and Nelly Furtado.


“It’s a song against prejudice,” said Cleiman.  The singers “also had a preconceived notions about Israel,” said Muller. “So we said, what do they think when people write negative things about them on the internet?” All three signed on.   


The title of the video translates into “In Your Lands I’ll Dance” and it’s a tribute to Israel and the beauty that lies there.  Much like other non-traditional western videos, this one looks like it was made by a child, and that’s the genius behind it.  It’s ridiculous and makes little sense to Westerners, but the complete absurdity of it is what makes people want to share it and, as the ultimate compliment of viral success, parody it. 


Those involved in the development of the video are all professional, and their background shows.  The perception that the video was made by amateurs is a tribute to their knowledge of how to make something go viral.  It’s never simple to get people to share something willingly, and especially not in the volume that they have succeeded in.  Maybe next time the government of Israel wants their message to go viral, they should try seasoning it with a little Latin flavor.


Below is the video En Tus Tierras Bailare (In Your Lands I’ll Dance):


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