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Published: July 8th 2010
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Andy Kindler

Now, however, he praises the way that the show’s producers have turned it into a relevant forum for up and coming comedic talent. “It’s been really fun because I made fun of the show for a long time, the previous interactions, if that’s a word. I always thought it was kind of cheesy. When it was presented to me they really used the word ‘retool’ a lot. 'retool', 'retool'.”


He’s also happy that they’ve left their contestants to do what they do best, namely comedy, instead of the usual reality TV shtick like making them do jokes while paddling canoes.


Kindler will be performing in Toronto soon and like many out of towners, he admitted that he loves the city but has a strong ambivalence for its bagels. “I’ve had good bagels in Toronto but I just don’t’ think they’re as good as Montreal’s. People in Toronto don’t think they are as good, do they?”


Aside from the smoked meat and bagels, Montreal has been an important step in Kindler's career, where 2010 will be his 17th year performing there.  In 1995, Kindler did a demonstration of hack comedy at Just For Laughs.  He had written an article about how to be a hack comic for National Lampoon, making fun of a variety of horrible comedians that were around at the time.  The head of the Just for Laughs Festival, Bruce Hill, had asked him to come back for the following year.  In 1999, Kindler's manager, Bruce Smith, came up with the idea of the State of the Industry, which has become an annual review of the state of the comedy industry.  Kindler closes every Just For Laughs Festival with this performance which has become legendary for its bluntness, honesty and humour. 


And while Kindler has been quick to make fun of terrible comics, he admits that right now standup is very strong. “I have heard that Larry the Cable Guy is hosting something on the history channel.  That would be a bad state of affairs.  But in general, there have never been funnier comedians.  It's better than it was when there were all these terrible shows on cable, the early to mid-90s, when you'd be almost embarrassed to tell people you were a comedian and it was a horrible, almost hacky 'artform'.  Now I'm proud and I can hold my head up high.”


Proud he should be.  And while Kindler's self-deprecating personality won't allow him to admit how far he's come, the results speak for themselves, as he's become a very recognizable figure in comedy, both loved and hated by his peers.  And he wouldn't have it any other way.


Andy Kindler plays Toronto on Thursday, July 8th at the Winter Garden Theater at 7pm and 9:30pm.  For further information,  click here.

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