Marching with Pride

Published: July 7th 2010
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Snapshot from Sunday's Pride Parade

As we began to proceed down Bloor Street, we saw the crowds behind the barriers on the sidewalk almost 10 deep and cheering at the top of their lungs.   It was an amazing beginning.


Down Yonge Street, others watching from atop fences and apartment balconies many armed with whistles, water guns, streamers and just plain good feelings. And when they saw 800 proud Jews and friends of Israel marching with our flags, singing Hebrew songs and dancing horas behind a sound truck, there were only boisterous cheers and applause.


One enthusiastic reveler pulled me aside to tell me that he was a former member of the IDF, and that being gay was no issue. He called the IDF the most gay-friendly military in existence. He just wanted me to know.


By the time we turned on to Gerrard, making our way to the parade's conclusion, we were all exhausted but still strangely energized. The energy came from the positive vibes exhibited from the tens of thousands lining the parade route showing their support for Israel’s defence of gay rights. It also came from the knowledge that all 800 of us stood together as a proud contingent of Jews and non-Jews delivering our support to the only democracy in the Middle East and to the only country with similar gay pride parades.


Later, we learned that QuAIA received a more mixed response.  We, however, celebrated our shared values with great pride.      


Bernie M. Farber is Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Jewish Congress

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