IDF: Hezbollah Presence in Lebanon

Published: July 7th 2010
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Hezbollah outpost near Israeli border.

As the anniversary of the second Lebanon War approaches, the IDF has revealed evidence indicating that a group of 20,000 guerrilla fighters have been preventing an Israeli incursion in southern Lebanon.


El-Hiyyam, a village located 20 km north of Kiryat Shmona, was featured in the IDF’s footage of homes taken over by Hezbollah, and later used as storage centres for the development of weapons.


The evidence was recently dispatched to the United Nations headquarters in New York to expose it to the international community. The same evidence was also presented to the new commander of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), Maj-Gen Alberto Asarta Cuevas.


According to the Jerusalem Post, the IDF has stated that Hezbollah still maintains a substantial force in southern Lebanon to this day, with guerilla fighters apparently responsible for active missile capability and preventing the IDF’s ground incursion.


Their missile capability is an estimated arsenal of about 40,000 short, medium, and long range missiles.


During the time of the second Lebanon war, it was reported that Hezbollah was barricading itself and its militants behind civilians. Now, the IDF has revealed maps which represent how Hezbollah weapons were embedded in villages containing schools and hospitals (50 meters away). Hezbollah’s command and control centres were also located adjacent to homes of Lebanese civilians.


A senior IDF officer stated on Wednesday: “It is important to show the world that Hezbollah has built up its military infrastructure inside villages with the objective that we will kill the maximum amount of civilians in a future conflict.”


He added, "We want to warn that if we are attacked by Hezbollah - this may happen."


Despite an IDF assessment expressing the low probability of a third Lebanon war, many fear the possibility of another Hezbollah attack on Israel, as revenge for the 2008 assassination of the group’s former military commander, Imad Mugniyeh in Damascus.


Amidst these fears, however, is the possibility that Hezbollah’s stronghold could grow to include Israel.


According to Colonel Ronen Moreli, commander of the 300 brigade, "We see Hezbollah's grip inside villages and we view an infiltration into Israel as the primary threat."

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