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Published: July 6th 2010
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Jerusalem International Film Festival
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The 27th annual Jerusalem Film Festival commences in just a few days, running form July 8 to July  17. Don’t miss the chance to support Israeli filmmakers by viewing cinema that will both enlighten and entertain.


The JFF provides a forum for Israeli filmmakers to showcase their unique talent. The Festival will feature 150-200 International and New Israeli Cinema in a variety of genres such as documentary, silent film, montage, and full-length features. Between film screenings, the Festival will host competitions, workshops, special tributes to world renowned filmmakers and live musical performances.


The JFF gives local Israeli cinema a chance to shine by offering prestigious awards. This tradition began with the Wolgin Award in 1989, which grants an annual award to a full-length feature, documentary, and short film. The Wolgin Competition has showcased some of the most important Israeli films in the past two decades.


There are many other awards that recognize local Israeli cinema, given to best actors, scripts, and films within their respective genres. This year there are a number of Israeli films up for awards, all of which dare to question controversial issues such as technology’s impact on society, spirituality, Jewish identity and history, war, and human rights.


Not only does the festival highlight some of Israel’s greatest talent, but it presents the latest trends in international contemporary cinema. Over the years, the festival has premiered films by Jim Jarmusch, Stephen Frears, Spike Lee, Quentin Tarantino and Neil Jordan.


Although I am not fortunate enough to attend this year’s festival, I was privileged to view a film by one of this year’s participants during my trip to Israel last year. The film follows young soldiers on a mission in Iran and explores the difficulty that comes with being a young soldier, including the physical toll on the body and the impact that physical exhaustion has on the mind, in a situation where sharp decision-making is essential. One young soldier was pressured to fire his gun when his own conscience deemed it unnecessary. The film summoned complex thoughts and controversial issues – it was truly a thought-provoking and enlightening experience.


Don’t miss the chance to attend this year’s JFF if you will be in Israel. Whether you enjoy animation, perplexing montage and silent films, documentaries, or full length features, one thing is for certain – you will walk away with a profoundly entertaining and insightful experience.


To view scheduling and purchase tickets, visit www.jff.org.il.

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