Lady Gaga Tops Facebook

Published: July 6th 2010
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Lady Gaga
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American glam pop singer Lady Gaga has become the first living person to have over 10 million fans on a single social networking site, with some 10,673,476 fans currently on Facebook. According to, a British group that measures online popularity, she recently surpassed US President Barack Obama, who has "only" 9,824,88 fans on Facebook, to claim the top spot.


Even before she passed the 10 million mark, said that Lady Gaga was already the most popular living musician online, with huge followings on Facebook, Twitter and video giant YouTube. Be that as it may, the provocative “Bad Romance” and “Paparazzi” singer is still only in sixth place overall as Michael Jackson, Facebook itself and the US TV show Family Guy, and Facebook applications Texas Hold 'em Poker and Mafia Wars, are all above her.


Moreover, Famecount added, "Lady Gaga has seen her fan base across Facebook more than double this year and is currently the fastest growing star. Achieving 10 million fans is a remarkable testament both to her stardom and to Facebook's extraordinary reach".


In the meantime, until the 24-year old performer achieves total dominance of the social networking world, she still faces some fierce competition.

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