CIC Raises Awarness of Hamas Terrorism

Published: July 6th 2010
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What Would We Do campaign

Recently, the Canada-Israel Committee began a campaign that aims to raise awareness of Hamas’s terrorist activates and the need to keep the arms blockade of the Gaza Strip in place.


"It is important for Canadians to understand why the arms blockade exists - which is entirely to prevent Hamas from smuggling weapons to use against Israeli civilians," stated Moshe Ronen, Chair of the Canada-Israel Committee. "We cannot forget that the arms blockade is a legitimate, defensive action that both Israel and Egypt have undertaken in direct response to tens of thousands of missiles fired on Israeli homes, schools, and communities over several years."


The campaign is called “What Would We Do.” It asks Canadians to imagine being in Israel’s shoes and consider how Canada would act if faced with continuing threats and attacks from terrorists surrounding it.


"Being fortunate to live in such a safe country, it's difficult for Canadians to appreciate the violence that threatens Israeli families every day," said Shimon Fogel, CEO of the Canada-Israel Committee. "If Canadian communities were being hit by missiles on a near-daily basis, at a minimum, we would demand that our government inspect cargo destined for those attacking us."


Though Israel pull out completely from Gaza in 2005 hoping the move would help to bring peace, Hamas violently grabbed the enclave in a 2007 coup, destroying all political opposition and putting in place a strict Islamist government.


Hamas’s long history of terrorism, including suicide bombings, kidnapping and rocket launches led to its being listed as a terrorist organization by the government of Canada.


CIC remarked that even with the arms blockade of Gaza, Israel ships 15,000 tons of humanitarian aid into Gaza each week. It has also recently announced that additional goods will not be allowed into Gaza.


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