IDF Rocks the Casbah with Hebron Dance Moves

Published: July 5th 2010
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“Batallion 50 Rock the Hebron Casbah”
Pic: youtube

A group of IDF soldiers face possible disciplinary measures after a video was uploaded to Youtube showing them taking a break from their West Bank patrol to dance to Kesha’s hit song “Tick Tock.”


Since it was uploaded over the weekend, “Batallion 50 Rock the Hebron Casbah” has become an instant hit, popping up all over Facebook.


The video features six Nahal Brigade soldiers, who are armed with guns and wearing bullet proof vests, on patrol. At first, a Muslim call to prayer is heard in the background. Then, out of nowhere, “Tick Tock” starts and the soldiers launch into what has been described as a “Macarena-like” dance.


By Monday afternoon, the video had been taken down by the original uploader. However, a different Youtube user put it back up, now entitled "It's easy to laugh at the occupation when you're the repressor (and a douche bag)."


According to Haaretz, the IDF described the video as a stunt set up by only a few soldiers. They added that commanding officers were looking into what took place.


Recently, similar videos from other militaries have popped up online, with one of the most popular being US troops in Afghanistan performing a Lady Gaga song. 


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