Iranian Planes Denied Fuel

Published: July 5th 2010
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Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport

Iran accused Germany, Britain, and the United Arab Emirates on Monday of refusing to fuel Iranian passenger planes because of American-imposed sanctions, it was reported.


According to Iran, U.S. sanctions over the country’s nuclear program are to blame for the unwillingness of the aforementioned countries to refuel Iranian planes, and Iran has threatened to retaliate.


"Since last week, our planes have been refused fuel at airports in Britain, Germany and UAE because of the sanctions imposed by America," Mehdi Aliyari, Secretary of the Iranian Airlines Union, told Iran's ISNA news agency.


According to a spokesperson for the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority, companies have not been ordered one way or another - but added that the individual fuel companies were allowed to make their own decisions on the matter. The refueling of Iranian planes, the spokesperson said, has not been banned by either EU or UN sanctions.


An airport company in Dubai’s capital, Abu Dhabi, denied that any such measures were in place. "We have contracts with Iranian passenger flights and continue to allow refueling," said a spokesperson for Abu Dhabi Airports Co (ADAC).


A spokesperson for the German Transport Ministry also refuted that any such bans were in place, though he did not comment on whether individual providers were opting not to refuel Iranian planes.


On Thursday, U.S. President Barak Obama signed new sanctions meant to lessen Iran’s fuel imports, intensifying the country’s isolation from an international perspective.


UN sanctions fall short of actually hindering Iranian imports, while the U.S. has opted to take t he sanction even further.


Iran is currently the world’s fifth largest oil producer, athough it relies heavily on imports for refining products and supplies.

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