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Published: June 30th 2010
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Jewish Tweets

Drake gets philosophical and sings about Twitter, Sarah Silverman talks about the Bachelorette and the Holocaust in the same tweet, Howie Mandel reports on his native Toronto, Spencer Rice has something to say about jeans, FatJew comes to a realization about Bon Jovi, William Shatner has a Star Trek announcement,  JewishTweets wishes a happy Canada Day and Joan Rivers comments on Adam Lambert's use of glitter.




@drakkardnoir (Drake): Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending




@SarahKSilverman: 1 guy on The Bachelorette has a girlfriend.Ali called it unspeakable.Maybe save some adjectives for the holocaust?




@howiemmandel: RT @Alex_Mandel: War is breaking out in Downtown Toronto right now for G20..Protesters are burning cop cars and smashing windows.




@SpennyTweets: Jeans without back pockets are impractical and aesthetically undesirable.




@FatJew: If you squint your eyes, Jon Bon Jovi looks like a MILF.




@WhiliamShatner: The Star Trek and my own personal items are going on the auction block now at




@JewishTweets: Happy Canada Day! This is a great opportunity to read up on the History of Jews in Canada!




@Joan_Rivers: @adamlambert I heard you were a hit at Foxwoods. I just got back from playing there. They're still picking up your glitter on the stage! x


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