Israeli Scientists Develop Male Contraceptive Pill

Published: June 28th 2010
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Female birth control pill.

Israeli scientists and researchers have developed a birth control pill to be taken by the male, rather than the female, the Daily Telegraph reported.


According to Haim Breitbart of Israel's Bar-Ilan University, "The pill we are developing gives men the joy of sex without any consequences."


The pill works by getting rid of a protein found in sperm necessary for a woman to conceive, and needs only to be taken once every three months, or with the lower dose, once per month. It does not inhibit the production of sperm, though it will be unable to effectively fertilize an egg.


According to research, the new male contraceptive is 100% effective, where as commonly prescribed female versions of the pill are only 92-99.7% effective in protecting against pregnancy.


Trials are currently being conducted on mice, and researchers claim the pill is free of side effects, while human recipients in various trials for other hormone-altering contraceptives reported such side effects as moodiness, depression, and loss of libido.


Human clinical trials for the male Pill are set to begin next year, and according to developers, the breakthrough pill could be available on the market in as little as three years.

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