Hashomer Revived: Protecting Israeli Citizens

Published: June 24th 2010
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L to R: Aharon Pulver and Yoel Zilberman
Pic: Dan Verbin


Today, the organization consists of approximately 800 volunteers, whose main duties are to safeguard the properties belonging to farmers and cattlemen. Approximately 400 of the members practice what is known as ‘Hebrew Labour’, which means repairing vandalized areas. The work is currently being performed at 6 points in the Galilee and 3 additional points in the Negev, with the intention of expanding the activities in the Negev. The organization also works in collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Security and the Ministry of Development of the Negev and Galilee.


A special initiative by Hashomer Hachadash is a leadership program geared towards students who have completed high school and are about to enter the army. As part of the program the youth undergo a month and a half of training in order to become experts in working in the field; they then work in caravans on site for a period of one year. In addition to the physical labour they also learn a bit about the Arab world, about Judaism, and about Zionism.


“We are looking for supporters and partners. The road is long, it’s not easy, and we need, as many other organizations do, those who support and are enthusiastic and love Israel to help us complete the work,” said Pulver. “These guys need urgent funding. Government resources will grow as long as we can increase the private resources allocated for the same issue. The Canadian Jewish community is very Zionist, it’s a very warm community. Everybody knows that and that is why here in Toronto we are focusing on Hashomer Hachadash, because we are convinced that the average Canadian Jew will understand our message, and also understand that we need help in order to succeed. So far we have very positive responses and we hope to expand the circle of supporters in the near future. Everyone is invited to call us or visit the Israel Independence Fund website. I hope that people do call and ask their questions. We’ll turn them in the right direction to donate funds. We’re not recognized as of yet by the Canadian tax authorities but tax exempt donations can be made through Vaad Mishmeres Mitzvos in Montreal and I urge all readers to assist us.”


For more information on the Israel Independence Fund and the projects it funds (including Hashomer Hachadash), visit www.fundisrael.org or call: +972-52-6391717. For more information on Hashomer Hachadash, visit www.shomer-israel.org

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