Iranian Gaza Aid Ship Cancelled

Published: June 24th 2010
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Mavi Marmara docked at Ashdod Port
Pic: Rafael Ben-Ari/Chameleons Eye

The newspaper quoted Lebanese sources as saying that Israel’s warnings given at the UN, telling Lebanon not to send a flotilla, will be responded to by Beirut. "Lebanon will reject all of Israel's threats, and in particular the speculations expressed by Israel, via its ambassador to the UN, Gabriela Shalev, of the activists' intentions, as well as the ship's organizers' possible ties to Hezbollah.”


Sheik el-Islam, who was formerly the Iranian ambassador to Syria and is currently the secretary general of the international committee for the support of the Palestinian intifada in Iran, said that the aid will now be sent either over land or by air.


"The Zionist regime has turned assistance to people under siege in Gaza into a political issue, and we do not want to turn such humanitarian acts into political acts because the most important thing is breaking the Gaza blockade,” he said. “The aid collected by the Red Crescent was to have included food products, medicines and construction materials, among other things. The fact that the Zionist regime is in crisis and each day retreats from its stated positions shows that it is nearing the end of its life and the opposition in Palestine will be victorious.”


That said, other Iranian officials, including lawmaker Mahmoud Ahmadi, are saying that a different Iranian ship is ready to leave next Tuesday or Wednesday in order to show solidarity with Gaza. The ship will include 50 to 60 Iranians, food and medicines and will travel from the Caspian Sea to Turkey and then onto Gaza.

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