Canada Implements New Iran Sanctions

Published: June 22nd 2010
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Prime Minister Stephen Harper

With Canada about to play host to the world with the G-8 and G-20 summits, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced that the federal government is imposing new sanctions against Iran that seek to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons.


The Prime Minister said in a statement that the move means that Canada is fully implementing its obligations under the latest round of UN sanctions. The sanctions have been put in place in order to thwart Iran from purchasing uranium and technology needed for enrichment.


“The Iranian regime continues to violate its international obligations by ignoring successive UNSC resolutions to suspend its enrichment-related activities and refusing to cooperate fully with the International Atomic Energy Agency,” said Harper.”


The Canada-Israel Committee (CIC) welcomed the move. CIC National Chair Moshe Ronen said, "We are deeply appreciative of today's confirmation that the government has implemented all the measures aligned with United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 1929."


Harper said that the measures put in place by the government will “further limit Iran’s access to uranium, nuclear materials and technology both directly and through third parties, such as key members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.”


He added that the sanctions are designed to restrict Iran’s nuclear program without directly punishing the Iranian people.


“Instead, these targeted measures are meant to send a strong signal to Iran that the international community expects Iran to meet its international nuclear obligations,” he said. “They send a message to all states – particularly those with nuclear aspirations – that international standards cannot be flouted without consequences.”


Iran’s nuclear program is expected to be a major topic of discussion at the G-8 summit, with Canada using its G-8 presidency to keep the world focused on the issue.


The CIC is also asking the government to implement further sanctions through the Special Economic Measures Act (SEMA), saying that SEMA is the best tool that Canada can use to counter the threat posed by Iran’s nuclear program. The act allows the government to impose measure against a foreign state for the purpose of either implementing the decision of an international organization or in a case where the government finds that “a grave breach of international peace and security has occurred that has resulted or is likely to result in a serious international crisis.”


CIC stated that it hopes Iran will respond with seriousness to the new UNSC resolution and halt all unlawful nuclear activity.


Ronen said that "if Iran's only intention is to build a nuclear energy program for peaceful purposes, then it is clear that the international community has offered Iran alternative means to obtain the materials it needs. However, Iran's continued intransigence and obfuscation over its nuclear programme clearly demonstrates that it has other malevolent ambitions."


Also occurring today, Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs, welcomed Israel’s decision to ease the Gaza blockade while reaffirming Canada’s commitment to Israel’s safety and security.

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