Lynch on the Way to the Kotel

Published: June 21st 2010
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A shattered car window following the incident
Pic: News1

A convoy of five private vehicles which was prevented from reaching the Western Wall through the Jewish Quarter last Friday was attacked by dozens of Arabs. They attacked the vehicles with stones, bricks, and iron rods.


“I was sure I was going to die,” said Moshe Yosef Lefkovitz who was on the scene. “I held my son’s hand, I told him ‘This is it’ and I recited Shema Israel. The glass beside me was broken and an Arab pushed an iron rod in my face. From the force of the impact on my jaw, my front tooth broke, and hundreds of small pieces got stuck in my hands and all over my body. On my son’s side the glass was shattered and he was also filled with blood and shrapnel all over his body.”


The motorcade attempted to arrive at the Kotel via the Rockefeller Museum. On the way they encountered the Border Police, and asked several of them whether there was a problem on this route to the Western Wall, which is actually the only way to get to the wall. “Not one of the policemen said that there is a problem. Indeed, one officer shouted at me to keep moving because I am creating a traffic jam. We passed by the entrance to the neighborhood of Wadi Joz and turned right. Groups of Arab worshippers on their way to the mosques on the Temple Mount flowed on both sides of the road, when no soldier or policeman was in place. They sent us on our way and we became sitting ducks. It was a lynch in the middle of Jerusalem, and no one speaks or gives a damn,” said Lefkovitz.


“We heard the screams of a mother and her two children who were attacked in a car in front of us. I later realized she was seriously injured in her head. We could not see as our vision was blocked because a large block of Jerusalem stone was thrown on my windshield and lodged an inch from my son’s face. The entire windshield was broken and blocked the view. A miracle happened here. I do not know how we reached the point from which to turn right onto the road leading to the wall, where there was a group of soldiers who began to handle all the wounded”, described Lefkovitz.


Chaim Miller, Chairman of the Movement for Jerusalem and its Residents, warned that the decision to close the road leading to the Wall to private vehicles is outrageous and will cost in Jewish blood. “It cannot be that Jewish blood will be sacrificed on the environmental altar of the area of the Jewish Quarter."


This article was originally published in Hebrew in News1.

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