Mercedes F800: The Car of the Future

Published: June 18th 2010
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The Mercedes F800

According to Mercedes the future is here. Well, almost here, but it will definitely be here as soon as 2012 rolls around and the Mercedes F800 is launched. The new Benz will run on gas, electricity, or hydrogen. The guys at Mercedes believe that the future is all about diversity and part of that diversity is when all three fuel types are joined together in order to save the planet. The F800 hybrid will combine the classic gasoline engine with a hybrid module, which is easily juiced up by being plugged into a charging station. We can only hope that by the time this prototype hits the road, these charging stations will be around too. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek at the new jaw dropping beauty.


As mentioned above, the F-cell edition of the car will be able to run on hydrogen which will be stored in special tanks beneath the seats for electric driving with zero local emissions. In fact the only emission will be pure water that will vaporize. The F800 is in many ways the sculpted shape of things to come from the German model. It is basically a three litre sedan just like its ancestor, the F700; however, it has a streamlined and aerodynamic sports car design with a coupe-like roof and rear doors that slide open, which will allow passengers to leap out like the members of the A-Team.


The man behind the F800’s good looks is Gorden Wagener, the new head of design at Mercedes-Benz. During a preview in London, he described the car’s smashing design as “cultivated sportiness”. The car is actually a bit longer and wider than your average upper-end sedan, but that is only in order to house both alternative engine modules. Innovations and further miniaturization keep the weight down. The seats are covered both in real wood and perforated leather, but they cover only a minimal lightweight plastic skeleton.


Moreover, the floor of the car has also been changed and is now a single piece of metal rather than the heavy and expensive “sandwich” design. The hybrid edition of the F800 will start appearing in showrooms only around 2012 and the F-cell edition will probably appear later on. Prices are going to start around $43,000 for the hybrid and even higher for the F-cell. But one thing is certain: the F800 proves that unlike today, in a couple of years you could continue to care about the environment and still drive a big fat (and elegant) Benz around all day.

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