Israeli Hacker Invades IHH Website

Published: June 18th 2010
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The website of IHH, Turkey’s Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian relief, has been broken into by a 30-year-old hacker from the Israeli city of Holon.


IHH is a Turkish non-government organization whose activists were involved in the violence aboard the Gaza flotilla May 31st, and its website mentions its plan to send a second flotilla to Gaza by next month.


As a result of the hacking, the site’s fundraising mechanism was disabled for hours, and a photograph depicting the Israeli Defence Forces rescue of earthquake victims in Turkey, along with pictures of Israeli leaders signing peace accords with Arab states at the White House, were posted instead.


The hacker, who has decided to remain anonymous, told Israel’s Ynet that “the real war today is online. I spent an entire week exploring the site, a few hours a night until I succeeded. I wanted to convey the message that Israel seeks peace.”


According to Ynet, thousands of Israeli websites have been hacked by Turkish and Arab hackers posting anti-Israel messages and photos. This is the first reported time in which an Israeli hacker has broken into an Arab website in response.


The disabling of the fundraising mechanism lasted several hours, and the hacker was surprised to have found that the mechanism received some 9,000 euros in donations every hour via the website.


Eventually, however, the website administrators repaired the work of the hacker, and brought the site back into normal operation.

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