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Published: June 17th 2010
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Tali Fahima
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The question to you refers not to religious Judaism but to secular Judaism.


The first things I learned were about women’s equalities.


Is the equality in Islam better than women’s rights that were accomplished in the Feminist revolution in Israel?


Feminism, allowing everything, complete freedom, this chaos is definitely a failure.




It’s a total failure and Tel Aviv is a good example of that. You can see the rotten, immoral society, the young society, the drinking, the drugs. It’s a very difficult situation today, the increasing violence, the permissiveness, the freedom given to do everything without a particular order. It’s clear that it failed.


The Feminist Movement in Israel achieved many achievements regarding women’s status and rights.


You’re talking about appearance. It failed. It failed. It’s an appearance just like the Zionist regime which outward shows a particular picture, but the picture from the inside is completely different.


But these are the same organizations that supported your struggle over the last few years.


If I had known the organizations that supported me along the way, the leftist organizations and all their groups, I would not have agreed to their support.




Because I didn’t know them, I didn’t know which struggle they were talking about and what is this left wing, what kind of people they are. When I was released from prison I definitely knew the Zionist left. It’s a Zionist bourgeois left, whose struggle is a bourgeois struggle. I assume there are people among them with pure intentions, but in total it’s a complete failure. Their struggle is very bourgeois.


There are wide circles that support one common state for Jews and Arabs.


You are talking about those organizations who speak of a secular, democratic state. A secular state doesn’t include neither the religious Jews nor the religious Muslims nor the religious Christians.


Raed Salah continuously calls for the establishment of an Islamic caliphate whose capital is Jerusalem and is denying any Jewish connection to the Temple Mount and to Israel/Palestine. Do you accept this perception?


I would be happy if you direct those questions to Sheikh Raed Salah. You are reciting what Zionist society says. The Islamic caliphate includes everyone. No one is erasing that history. Sheikh Raed Salah is protecting with his body and soul Al-Aqsa (mosque), which is a holy place and he always exposes the Jewish Zionist plan. People don’t know him. I certainly see him as an alternative to local leadership and I think that if the Jews knew him or his leadership and conduct or his amazing modesty, they would abandon the Jewish Zionist leadership.


So he can be the next Prime Minister?


Not of Israel.


How do you see the commandment of Jihad in Islam?


I’ve been committing Jihad long before I became a Muslim and I will continue to do so because it is an obligation. You have to read about Jihad (in order to understand it). The context of the Zionist regime about it is false and incorrect. It’s a demonization of the subject.


Do you not miss drinking coffee at Aroma in Tel Aviv?



I don’t miss that life. I don’t miss the place where everything is permitted and everything is possible or the Tel Aviv bubble, in which people don’t even know their neighbours. The lack of caring, the pressure, the Israeli insolence. No, I don’t miss all of these. I’m aiming to be a better person to God and a better person to the other.

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