Exclusive: "A Suicide Bomber Changed My Life"

Published: June 17th 2010
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Tali Fahima
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I’ve found here a bleeding and hurting society. I was not accepted with a red carpet. It’s a fearful society, a very hurt society. The reality here is very complex, because when you are born the most natural thing is taken from you, freedom. There are people who are afraid of me, there are people who wonder about me, and there are also wonderful people whom I have the great honour of meeting and being in the company of. Don’t forget that we’re in a situation and lives which are abnormal, we live this daily.




Because the Zionist occupation is a very cruel occupation. From a distance it doesn’t seem that way, but when you live here and see the injustice on a daily basis…


But you live in Israel, not in the territories.


I live in Wadi Ara which is currently occupied by the Zionist regime and I know the situation, I live it, it’s not a theory.


Are you a devout Muslim?




Do you pray daily?


On Thursday I’m starting my prayer studies. I’m very modest in my dress and not from today. Islam is not necessarily about the exterior. It’s more of a way of life. In my dress I’m a very humble person.


What in your opinion is the significance of being Muslim?


Many things, it’s not one thing. Being Muslim is not just prayer and fasting. The main thing is how you conduct yourself, your way of life. Islam is the last book that came down (from God) after Judaism.I continued my way towards Islam, I don’t feel a change, I continued my way to Islam, Judaism even hides the prophet Muhammad and he is mentioned in the Torah. Islam is a way of life.


Where in the Torah is Muhammad mentioned?


In the book of Deuteronomy.


Islam places an emphasis on equality between all believers.


It (the equality) really exists in the real Islam. One of the things that fascinated me is that it includes everyone, unlike in Judaism in which if you’re not Jewish you don’t exist as far as they’re concerned. Judaism excommunicates you both in conduct and in laws. Islam doesn’t. My family lived under Islamist rule in Morocco and they were religious Jews for many years and did not interfere one with the other. This Judaism, that I don’t understand the distortion that has been done to it, doesn’t include everyone, not just Muslims. It doesn’t include the other.


Are you planning to wear a hijab, niqab, or burka?


No. My dress is Pakistani.


What kind of head covering?


I wear the Hata (a cloth which serves as a head covering) and a keffiyeh‏‏‏‏.


You’re not going to wear a burka?


No. There should be caution between the sexes, but not in this extreme manner.


Have you been paired with someone?




How many children do you want?


As many as I can have.


People are asking, even in talkbacks, whether Tali Fahima is aware of the fact that women’s rights in Islam are not perfect.


I suggest that first of all Judaism speak about women’s rights. The equality (in Islam) exists. Anyone who knows the Qur’an knows that.

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