Anti-Israel Protesters: Canada is Also Occupied Territory

Published: June 16th 2010
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Justice for our Communities poster

The G-20 summit, scheduled to take place in Toronto at the end of the month brings with it an important financial achievement for Canada, but at the same time brings forth security challenges stemming from radical leftist groups opposing globalization. The first signs of vandalism have already appeared on Toronto’s streets: The words “G20=New World Order” were spray-painted on a streetcar shelter on Spadina Avenue and Blue Jays Way, and the words “Get mad!! G20=NOW” were spray-painted on a wall across the street from the same shelter. Anti G-20 captions were also spray-painted two weeks ago on an ATM machine on Spadina Avenue.


On June 25, an anti G-20 protest will be held at the Allan Gardens (Carleton and Sherbourne) in Toronto. Entitled “Justice For Our Communities!” the protest is being organized by extreme leftist groups. In a Facebook event page, the organizers said the following referring to the leaders of those countries participating in the summit: “These ‘leaders’ have shredded the public sector and social spending, criminalized the poor, immigrants and racialized communities, continued to plunder Indigenous lands and trash the environment, deported our families and friends, gutted the unions, and closed hospitals and schools while they grant tax cuts to the rich and corporations and boost police and military budgets. These disgusting policies have enacted devastation around the world and are reflected right here in Toronto.”


The page goes on to say the following about the City of Toronto: “We live in a city that houses the corporations that exploit and displace people. Toronto police kills and brutalizes our communities. Toronto housing kicks out our families. Toronto social services slam the door on undocumented migrants. This city pushes out poor people and attacks sex workers. Toronto exists on stolen indigenous land.”


The message by the protesters regarding the “Canadian occupation” can be found in the list of demands they make, one of which calls to “Stop the theft and plunder of indigenous lands: Indigenous sovereignty now!”


The concept of “Canadian occupation” brings together radical leftist groups and activists who are fighting to end “Israeli occupation”. Among the organizers of the protest are the groups “Students Against Israeli Apartheid” and the “Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid”, two groups which identify with the struggle by local tribes to get back their lands, similar to the Palestinians’ struggle against Israel. One of the demands in fact reads: “End Israeli Apartheid! Respect the call for Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions!”


Toronto Police is getting ready at full force for possible disturbances and even terror attacks during the G-20 summit. Many streets in and around the city will be closed during the summit and traffic will be restricted in other areas. As well, cell phone use will be restricted in the areas adjacent to the summit for fear that terrorists would use the opportunity to activate explosive devices using cellular phones, as has been done in the past in Israel and in other countries. The police are greatly sensitive at this time to the issue of security, a sensitivity that has come into play even in case where there is an initial suspicion of involvement in terrorism. For example, two men in their 50s and 60s who purchased large quantities of fertilizer at the end of May found themselves under police investigation due to suspicion of possible ties with terrorist organizations.

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